Logical Editor to hide mixer tracks?

I stumbled upon this KVR thread
http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic … c&start=15

In which one of the posters was explaining a Macro/PLE command in which you can Hide tracks in the Mixer Window (using a macro, only selected tracks will show in the mixer and all others will be hidden.)
If I Could do this I would be a MUCH happier Cubaser!!

Maybe could u have a look at that guy’s (LawrenceF) post (on page 2 of the above link) and try help me understand it - The thing is the screenshots/pictures he used to explain it are not showing and he has not reponded to the PM i sent him…

I just basically need to work out what filters to add in to the top section of the logical editor

I’m sure if we can work this out and make a preset for the P.L.E. it would also make alot of other Cubase users very happy!

You need to fix the link for us first!


here we go, post no. 2


I posted that when I used Cubase because “can hide” sucks and I was seeking a better solution. Whenever something like that bothered me I’d try to use the PLE to make it a bit less annoying.

No offense to Steiny but they should have sorted out that ancient track visibility scheme long ago. It’s among the large collection of small reasons why I don’t use Cubase anymore.

By the way, the guy rectified his post and the pictures are back for those interested…


yeah I am reaally hoping that Steinberg can arrange some kind of track filtering/ Hide tracks or even better - a Track list like PT, in the next major update
Otherwise i fear I may slowly be joining that train of thought.

I’m sure they will. The current system is (imo, mmv) brutal. It obviously doesn’t stop anyone from making music but it was (again, for me, mmv) really annoying with large projects.