Logical Editor to hide tracks without data AFTER bar 2?


This is complicated!
In my template I have some instruments that I like to have at hand in certain cases, Contra Bassoon, Eb Clarinet and such.
All these instruments all have a init midi part that tells VEPro how I want the set-up to be. These small midi-parts all “happens” at bar 1 and is 1 bar long, so now I need to create a Project Logical Editor preset that hides all tracks that only have data between bar 1 and 2.
This will have to do until Cubase will have a property that will evaluate the Disable Track function, so we can get all those template tracks not in use out of the way.
Skærmbillede 2016-06-01 15.25.24.png
Any help much appreciated!

Quick question…
On those tracks that are “empty” apart from bar 1-2, does the remainder of that track contain an empty MIDI Part, or is the track otherwise empty completely?
If so, (because your suggested PLE preset is looking for empty Parts, not total emptiness :wink: ) then, simplest suggestion, create an empty MIDI Part that starts after bar #2.
It is also possible (without actually trying a mock-up here), that you need to put lines 2 to 5 inside parentheses (so that “Property” pertains to “Container Type”).