Logical Editor Upgrade - Include retrograde and phrase tonal expansion commands etc

Hi All,
I would love to see the logical editor get an upgrade… where retrograde functions are added, scalar tonal expansions (shifting notes in a midi sequence to expanded positions within a scale)… for example shifting notes that are a semitone apart, or one scale position… to it’s next scale position (a third diatonically, within it’s chosen preset scale), and then further expansions, as options… to a diatonic 5th… etc. etc.
and also geometric tonal expansions… taking notes in a phrase a semitone apart, and expanding them to 2, or 4, or 8 semitones.

a slice phrase function… the ability to choose partitions of a midi file as blocks… and permutate them, or impose any order that you wish. almost like a playlist editor for sections of a midi phrase.

It’ll hopefully happen in my lifetime… I live in hope. :slight_smile:

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There are these options already:

  • Property | Property is set | Is Part of Chord
  • Property | Property is set | Is Part of Scale
  • Context Variable | Equal/Unequal… | No. of Notes in Chord (Part)
  • Context Variable | Equal/Unequal… | Note Number in Chord (lowest = 0)
  • Context Variable | Equal/Unequal… | Position in Chord
  • Context Variable | Equal/Unequal… | Highest in Chord from at least n Notes
  • Context Variable | Equal/Unequal… | Lowest in Chord from at least n Notes

Aren’t these what you are looking for?

He’s looking for Retrograde, inversions, retrograde inversions, etc… and the ability to get the interval between two notes, not necessarily in a harmonic chord, and to take a musical phrase and maniplate it to find and create the pattern’s permutations.

None of these are possible in Cubase.


I see. Sorry, I overlooked it. Thank you for kicking me, @steve .

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