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Hi y’all, I want to put some subtle randomization on the velocities of a drum loop, and was trying to do it with the logical editor. I can’ t see how to do this. Under Type is: I don’t see velocity at all, but if I select a velocity-related preset, it’s there. Since there are no velocity-randomizing presets, when I go to the Target/Operation section there is again nothing specific to velocity. When I tried Value 1 (or 2) with range -10 to 10 (meaning --to me-- vary the velocity within that range, executing just deletes the notes altogether. Any wisdom out there?


Velocity is a parameter of a note.

  • pitch is Value 1,
  • Value 2 is Velocity.

If you select Note as the type, and you’ll see how it’s context sensitive.

Really, the manual is an important resource for understanding the basis for these advanced functions.

As for your function:

That’s great, thanks. I take the point, re RTFM, but sometimes problems just don’t look like something that the manual will help with, if you know what I mean.

[the setup in the image] seems to have done the trick for me.

In this case the benefit would be learning the jargon, and some other things in the chapter maybe.

There’s the thing. I’m familiar with all the logical jargon, have used the editor intermittently in the past without any problem; it just didn’t occur to me that there would be an instance in which value 1 & value 2 would apply to pitch/velocity :slight_smile:

You may want to consider reading up on the structure of midi messages (value 1 and value 2 are core concepts in that context). Understanding that should hopefully make manipulating them in the midi Functions and the PLE a more joyous experience. There’s lots of materials at different levels of depth on the web.

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