Logical + macro editor for moving by amounts smaller than 1/128?

Hi folks,

Here’s my issue:

I like to use key commands for moving MIDI objects (or their starts or ends) but very small amounts. For example when adjusting the swing of hi-hats or whatever.

As things stand, the smallest amount i can move is 1/128th of a bar. But this is really too coarse, i need finer resolution.

Obviously i could just use the mouse to drag (with snap off) or change the amount in the info line, but i want to do it with a key command, for example “alt + arrow left / right”.

Soooooo, my question is, is this possible to set this up with the logical editor & a macro? And if so, how?

So for example, when i do “alt + arrow left”, it’ll move the object 4 ticks to the left?