Logical Preset to automatically write CC1 data to CC2 as well?

Hey Everyone,

Pretty much what the title says. I’d just like CC1 to automatically be forwarded to CC2 as well.

Any way to do this?

Thanks so much for any help :slight_smile:


Sorry, just from top of my head, I hope it’s correct…

Filter Target
( Type Is | Equal | Controller | And
Value 1 (CC Nr) | Equal | 1 )

Action Target
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | 2 |

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Martin is correct.


Any chance that beautiful syntax is some hidden feature? I would love to be able to edit, or write PLEs or MLEs in a separate file, or generate them. Unfortunately the XML files they are stored in have a HEX block, rather than human readable syntax.

I have got a pretty good start reverse engineering the HEX, but a strait forward syntax would help. How do composers like Tom Holkenborg, or rather his people, write those large templates without some way of generating the logical editors in a more programming sort of way?



I’m sorry, I’m not aware of any hidden syntax.

So you just made that one up on your own then? I like it.

Do you think Steinberg will mind the logical editor HEX being reverse engineered?


Yes, I did it directly in the Logical Editor window.

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Hey Martin,

Thank you very much! I was pretty much there but what I notice is that it does indeed send the information on to the instrument but doesn’t actually write the CC data.

I’m guessing I need to manually do a copy command on that after the fact in order to expand or compress one.

Thanks again for the time. The help on this forum is so great.


To be it sounds like you are using MIDI Insert Transformer, not the Logical Editor.