Logical Presets greyed out (CU10 edition!)

Hi all, I tacked on to the bottom of a post over on the 9 forum, but it seems like it’s pretty desolate over there now…and besides, i AM talking about 10…

I’m seeing an issue with the logical presets greyed out on a fresh install of 10.0.30. (Due to midi latency issues, I decided to eliminate all bloatware by doing a windows “one button reset”, which re-installs without all the stuff that the PC vendor shoves in there).

One thing that is confusing me: The directory structure built with the re-install does NOT have the “_64” in the path name. I found the logical presets directory under Cubase 10\Presets (and I put my custom presets there too).

I actually re-checked the download (there is no 32 bit option for Cubase 10, so I definitely downloaded the correct version since it’s the only one), re-installed a second time (the default path was 10 with no _64, so I let that be). This may be a red herring, but I found it odd, especially in light of the issue with logical presets being greyed out. My install prior to the reset had the _64 in the pathname.

Are you looking at the User Settings Data Folder: %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 10_64

Or the install folder: C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10\

Thanks Steve! Right you are. I searched my C: drive for “Logical Edit” and the only folder I found was under the install folder C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 10. I looked back on my notes and instead of the full path I wrote “Cubase 10_64\Presets\Logical Edit”. So when I only found that under the install directory i figured well, then that’s where I need to put my stuff!!

So I copied the logical Edit folder (including my custom presets) to the User Settings folder, and everything looks good- thanks!

I do notice that there are 17 folders under \Presets in the install directory, while there were only 2 (now 3) in the User Settings Folder. I wonder if I should copy the other 14 folders?

I saw thin Cubase 9 thread that there is a problem with the install and these folders always don’t get copied. That seems pretty odd to me, especially since it’s apparently a very old issue…ya think it would be fixed by now. And not random, as my first install of 10.0.30 had my logical presets working just fine…