Logical Presets Greyed Out

EDIT: OK…I searched your other posts and see you’re using Artist. I think the problem is that the logical editor is only available in Pro.

The MIDI Logical Presets should be present in Artist (well, they are in Elements) but not the Project Logical Editor which is indeed, as Grim says, only in Pro. Additionally I don’t think you can edit the presets in Artist.

If they’re showing but greyed out on my Elements system that means there’s no applicable data available…I know you say you’ve tried selecting everything so something weird going on. Just checked with a ride cymbal from Groove Agent SE in Elements 9 and the randomise Preset works for me (none are greyed out as long as some MIDI is selected-even one note). What sort of track is it? MIDI, Instrument? Not that it should matter. Which version 9 or 9.5 of Artist?

Instrument track (superior drummer 2)
Artist 9.0. Just updated the 9.0.40 today with fingers crossed it would fix the issue but no such luck.

This is completely baffling me becuz Ive used the randomize vel. preset many times before.

I haven’t installed anything new, or made any changes in my preferences or anything like that inside of Cubase (not that it would change the presets…)
They just seem to be greyed out for no reason.

Scratching my head.
Any thoughts? Things I might try?

EDIT: thought I might add this, though it should make absolutely no difference.
I use Cubase on my Desktop mainly, and my laptop sometimes when Im on the go. (same dongle of course)
Just recently when loading on the laptop the other day I got a message saying “your cubase 9 pro trial is over.”
(every copy of artist comes with a 24hr pro trial)
But I never activated the pro trial since I bought Artist 9 in Feb/2017 on either of the computers.
Anyways I clicked ok and it started as usual with no difficulty or differences whatsoever…that was about 5 days ago.
It shouldnt mean anything, but I thought it might be worth the mention.

Have you checked in a new empty project and newly created midi event if it works?

Hey Grim thanks for responding again. :slight_smile:
Just tried twice rebooting, new project, new midi event…still not working, neither individual sets of notes within midi editor or midi event.

I do lots of work in Rock/Alt/Punk genres and use e-drum kit with sd2 or ad2 on almost every project.
MAnnnn, it is a time consuming nightmare going bar by bar with the mouse :frowning: Index finger wants to seperate from my hand today! lol.
Any more ideas or help is greatly appreciated.

Im at my wits end on this one. :astonished:

Do you want to upload a sample cpr so I can confirm if it’s something to do with the project??
I’d guess it will probably work here which probably leads on to typical suggestions of resetting prefs or reinstalling Cubase…but might be worth confirming.
NB: I think you’ll need to zip the cpr to allow upload…only needs to be a single midi event of course.

Of course you can also try in safe start mode to see if the prefs corruption is the problem.

I don’t think this is the problem as you’re seeing the Presets but there’s sometimes an issue when they are not present in the folder:

“C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Cubase 9.5_64\Presets”

They’re copied to this directory from the Program folder at installation but this sometimes fails. Since you say they used to work it seems unlikely to be this but might be worth checking.

I’d certainly give Grim’s suggestion of trying a Safe Start Mode to see if it’s a Preferences corruption issue a go.



There was a bunch of presets missing in the “users\username\appdata\roaming\steinberg\cubase 9_64\presets” folder which were all in my Cubase installation folder “program files\steinberg\cubase 9\presets”

Copied them over and viola!
Grim & planarchist thank you both very much for the help+guidance.
You’ve saved me so much time!
Cheers to you both :smiley:


You’re welcome, glad you’ve got it working now.

All credit due to planarchist…no thanks needed for my irrelevant ramblings :mrgreen:

I’d have put money on it being solved by the preference safe start option you made! Nearly didn’t make my last suggestion at all. :slight_smile:

Actually Grim you have helped me out in the past :slight_smile:

Quick question:
How often do you guys find yourselves using LE in the Pro version?
Im living in UK right now (originally from Canada) and for me to go from Artist 9 to Pro 9.5 is over 200pounds which is a bit much for me, and even if I had it I’d probably buy a mic instead.

Are there features in Pro that you simply could not let go of if for some reason you had to downgrade?

(My trial expired without me even activating it in the first place by some glitch or god knows what…so I dont have the chance to try it.)

Logical editor has never been particularly interesting to me…I may have randomised the odd hi-hat pattern with it (and probably ended up manually re-editing anyhow) but honestly other than trying some stuff out of curiosity when people have questions about it I’ve barely touched it.

I would really have missed Variaudio and Control room inserts for monitor only FX if I had to downgrade…in fact I’m pretty close to selling my C9, and maybe upgrading my CLE to Elements to make sure I can open old projects but I’m actually working exclusively in another DAW for a while now.

Keep a look out for the summer Upgrade Sale…the timing varies but i used it to save 40% on Upgrading from Artist to Pro. Last year it was August…


I can’t remember which feature it was exactly i upgraded for though…shall have to think on that.

Summer Deals!
Think I’ll start saving now :stuck_out_tongue:

I used C5 for about 1 1/2 years before upgrading to 9, and I miss little elements that are such fantastic time-savers and just great tools all-together.
ie-> 3 panning types, exporting midi and audio tracks…
The kinds of things that when I first started on 9 Artist had me thinking “wtf? why isn’t this simple thing available” and then after a while you realize that it’s strong selective marketing, so to speak haha, getting people to upgrade to the flagship product.
Definetely will be on the looking out for those summer deals this year.
I wonder if they extend to some of the great hardware Steiny make?

Just wanted to say thanks for this. I had the same problem and the same solution of copying the presets over into the C drive section did the trick. Thank you!

Thanks for this post. I couldn’t figure it out and I read this and the copy presets to user file worked a treat.
Have encountered other stuff to that will probably work now.
Thanks again to all that have contributed.
Cheers :smiley: :wink: :smiley: :wink:

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I had the same problem with the v.11 update. Copying presets from Program files to the appropriate appdata folder fixed it for me.

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Yes, this happened to me. I’m on Cubase 11. This was my first attempt at using the Logical Editor and it was confusing until I found this post. Once I copied the files over from the Steinberg Program Files Folder to the AppData location (see above) all is well. Thanks so much for this!