Logical Prests not loading

In January I upgraded from 4.5 to 7.0 & 7.5 (both installed)
At the moment I’m sticking to 7.0.7 as I have the full manual and a pile of tutorial videos.

I wanted to fix some velocities on a midi track and went to Midi Logical Editor (the logical presets option on the menu below was greyed out). Sadly - no presets were displayed.
Tried the same thing in 7.5 and they’re there.

Now, I’ve had a bit of a search on this forum, but not found a solution yet so more information for you to help me with:

  1. I’m using the 64 bit for both versions.
  2. I installed 7.0 then upgraded to 7.5 and then removed 7.0.
  3. Once I realised the manual was 7.0 (only an addendum for 7.5) and I’d purchased the tutorials, I decided to install 7.0 again as the learning curve from 4.5 is quite steep (loving it!)
  4. I have found the XMLs for the presets in the following locations:
    a) Program files/Steinberg/Cubase 7/presets/logical edit
    b) ditto/ditto/Cubase 7.5/ditto/ditto
    c) Users/myname/appdata/roaming/Steinberg/presets/logical edit

So, the XML’s are there.
5) The folder creation dates seem to echo the installations:
a) users 10/1/14 with file dates for the XMLs 10/1/14
b) 7.0 26/1/14 with xml file dates of 26/11/2012
c) 7.5 3/1/2014 with xml file dates of 22/11/2013

So, I’m mystified as to why 7.0.7 can’t see the presets.
The only thing I can think of is that Cubase references the presets in the users/… folders, but is seeing 7.5 version presets which perhaps don’t load into 7.0. But if both versions can run side by side, then I defeat my own argument!

Can anyone help & shed some light on this please? In very simple English for a very simple old man preferably :smiley:


This has been posted several times. I now keep it bookmarked for quick access:

I installed the full version of C7 on the Mac platform, then upgraded to C7.5.
Not sure why, but none of the Input Transfer, Logical Edit, or Project Logical Editor presets loaded. But they’re all available within the application itself.

On a Mac, you right click on the Cubase application>Show Package Contents>Contents>Presets.
I copied the folders of the above presets onto the desktop, and then from there into the user Preferences>Cubase 7.5>Presets.
They now all show up.

Hi Frog
Thanks for replying and apologies to others for me posting something that had already been raised.
It’s embarrassing, because I thought my presets WERE in the correct place, but not showing up in Cubase.
Silly me, I had drilled down through Windows Explorer to the folders shown in my initial post, but I was looking in the 32 bit version of 7, not the 64 bit. I use the 64 bit, so I missed the fact that the presets were missing from there.
Anyway, found a lot more that was missing too so I sincerely thank you for your help.
I shall now disappear for a while with a very red face, but much the wiser for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Neal,

Did you find what you needed in order to have the presets show up as expected in Cubase?

I gave you what I know from the Mac side as I’m not sure of the file structure of Windows Explorer.
But the main thing is that I hope you got this straightened out.

The reference about previous posts was just a friendly cue. There’s so much good information available that I bookmark, but also keep some text file notes which come in handy when completing a fresh install.

:arrow_right: Please, no disappearing acts :mrgreen:
At this point, I’m not an expert but rather an aggressive learner of Cubase.


Yes thanks - sorted - see above

I stumbled upon this.
Looks useful for Windows users.