Logickeyboard astra 2 cubase and or Streamdeck XL for Cubase Pro 13

Good morning,

I would like to optimize my workflow and become more efficient when using Cubase Pro 13.

I was wondering about buying an Astra 2 logickeyboard keyboard for Cubase Pro 13 and or a Streamdeck XL.

I don’t know which of the two or if both are interesting to improve my workflow and efficiency in Cubase Pro 13?

I would also like to get a controller with a fader.

I read that there was an excellent script for faderport v2 and Cubase.

But I would rather not go through a script, unless I really have no choice.

Rather Faderport v2 or Berhinger X Touch One?

There is indeed the SSL UF1, but apparently the problem of tracking the faders in relation to the fader group is still not resolved, unless I am mistaken.

Even with version 1.6 of the 360 ​​software, not always resolved.

Really a shame, because this UF 1 is a very nice machine

Could you give me your opinion on the subject, thank you in advance.

Does anyone have an opinion to give?