Logitech C920/C920s - all working now?


I need to buy a new webcam. Can anybody confirm that the Logitech C920 or C920s are working well with VST Connect Pro and Cubase 10.5 - latest versions of both including the recent VST Connect Pro pre release with the fixes for this. Oh and does anybody know which of these two webcams is better?



I can only confirm that the C920 works fine with the latest VST Connect versions.

they are the basically same webcam I believe - the “s” is stereo - but you won’t use the audio in VST connect anyway

buy the c920 - the quality of the bandwith/compression is the limiting factor.

Assume it’s windows ?

Thank you both for the replies. Yes I’m on Win 10. Good to know this camera is working now with VST Connect and I’ll buy the slightly cheaper mono camera then.

All the best