Logs related to plugin information


I’m having issues when loading some of the VST2 64bit plugins.
When I try to reactivate some of the plugins i receive error that it failed to reload the plugin.
Unfortunately this does not give me much information about the reason why my plugins cannot load properly.
If there are some log files related to Cubase (as a programmer I’m sure there must have been somewhere), I’d be glad to have a look at them.
I have cubase 10 Pro, Windows 7 Home Premium (Unfortunately for some reasons I need to stay at Windows 7 instead of upgrading to Windows 10).

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Hi and welcome,

Make sure you are using VST2.4 or higher plug-ins.

The log must not be written or available to the end user. I’m not aware of this kind of log.

Thanks for response.
I’ve checked all the blacklisted plug-ins, and according to Cubase they are VST2.0 versions (at least that’s how Cubase identify them).
It’s strange that plugins from Izotope are in vst 2.0 version only (especially the ones I have just purchased lately).
If there is any possibity for workaround this problem please let me know.

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please make sure you are not reactivating files named iZplugin_name.dll - these are not plugins, but operational files, the plug-ins are named iZotopeplugin_name and should be normally available (and listed as VST 2.4).