lol...I have info on Cubase 8....but mods keep deleting

Well…I just can’t get a post in without getting deleted. I have info on Cubase 8 and release date…but wow. The moderators blow it out of here every time I post it. Lol…its OK Steiny…I get it. Don’t hate me because I am excited.

Please …at least leave this post…so I can kind of claim that I had info…for bragging rights.

Obviously, I can’t give details guys…cause they will kill the post. But its safe to say…its on the way. And faster than you think.

there were some sites pointing to the 3rd of december ? can’t find any now?

Don’t brag too much.

It’s been out for a while on other forums where Steinberg moderators can’t hit “delete.” :laughing:

You should Thank god they are moderaetors and not "ill be back " terminators :wink:

It was I! I deleted your post bigboi. It was the OT for the General forum, and a duplicate of another thread that has the same screen grab and info.

If you had had a look around you would have seen the long thread about it.