LOL. What did I do here?

Giving Dorico 5 a first run, and three pages in…

Select that first signpost that reads “System Break” or “Frame Break” and toggle off the property “wait for next…”


Select All, Edition > Filter /All Breaks, hit Delete.

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I think there are orchestras that would have no trouble with that score.

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:joy: indeed !

You did a piece.
Another day, another vanguard piece.

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Hi @phase_Shift , this happens for example in this scenario: you use for example the commands Make into System or Make into Frame (in Engrave mode). Dorico then activates the options “Wait for next System break” or “Wait for next Frame break” to let the layout stay as you decided for that system or Frame. But if you delete afterwards one of the break signposts so created (for example the second one) it happens that the first stays with the option “Wait etc…” and all the music is squashed as Dorico waits for the next break.

As @dan_kreider suggests, deactivating the “Wait for next etc…” option in the signposts reestablishes the breaks (based on note spacing).

I find sometimes difficult to find the correct signpost if the squashing is very tight (as in your example). I suggest [EDIT: as @NorFonts already made …oppsss.] in this cases (in write mode) to do Select all (CMD or CTRL+A), then (with right click) Filter/All breaks, then go in engrave mode and in the properties panel you can deactivate the “Wait for…” option for all of the breaks at once.

Here the pages of the Manual (look in particular at the Note at the bottom):