London base mix room for DCP with Nuendo 12?

I’ve done a TV mix of a film in my studio. Now the production wants to release it for theatre.
I’m looking for UK studios that would have a nice room with Nuendo 12. I contacted art4noise. I’m also considering yellow cabs in Paris. But do you recommend any other alternatives in UK ? not easy to google :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yellowcab is definitely the place to be. Nuendo all the way.
And you can enjoy a few days of wonderful Paris.

I think -in the end- the UK will be more expensive than Paris.


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ErikG in Sweden also runs Nuendo, though I’m not sure if they focus on TV or film. I want to say they do both all the way up to Atmos. Check his sig. I’d probably pick Paris, but if you haven’t been to Sweden the summer is the time to go for sure… unless you like cold, snow and darkness that is.

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Thanks for your response.
Turns out yellow cab were kind and very fast in there response. So we booked a session within hours. Super happy to finally visit this place.