London LGT - July 26th - PICTURES!!!

Hi all,

I will be in London for a short trip with my oldest son from friday July 26th till monday July 29th.
Anyone up for a meet and greet? :smiley:

Let me know and I’ll try to fit you in our schedule!.. :wink:


If you don’t contact Glyn I’m pretty sure he’ll assault you by launching a bloody tonne of bangers and mash at your head. :smiley:

Cool! I love bangers and mash! :sunglasses:

July 26th - LGT London at The Chandos!!! :smiley:

Tim and Neil are coming, hope to see some more of you! :sunglasses:

Did you reach out to Darren (mobius)? I know he doesn’t check FB often but if you don’t already have it I may have his email address. (I’m not 100% sure, however.)


Looking forward to it! Hopefully a few other guys will be there too!

Same here!

See you tommorow, Neil! :sunglasses:

Waiting for an update.

Maybe we should check out the tabloids
“musicians arrested for disturbing the peace” or something :laughing:

Yes, we’re back from a nice weekend in London! :sunglasses:

Friday evening we met with the group at The Chandos for a drink and then we went to the Golden Pagode in Chinatown for a late, but very good dinner.
It was great seeing Neil again and meeting all the others.
We’ve had a wonderful evening with lots of laughs (and beers of course… :wink: ).

Here are some pictures:

Annemarie (amb05) and Macc

Lee’s wife (sorry, I forgot her name…), Lee, Neil (RokGeetar) and Peter (Nerg)

Neil, Peter, Tim (Goodacre, aka Benign), Annika (a friend of Annemarie), me and my son Jeroen

Peter and Tim

CHEERS!!! :smiley:

Thanks for the pics! Warms my heart.


Ya gotta love it!

Beautiful people!

Mahalo for the pics.

I’m jealous. :frowning: Wish I could have been there with you all.

We are all jealous. We all would have liked to be there. Looks like a great time for great people. Loved the pictures.