Long 64 float montage render time

I’m new to Wavelab. I have 10 songs with an average of 7 plugins on each. I’m render the entire montage at 64 bit float. It’s taking over 4.5 hours to do this. Is that normal?


It really depends on what plugins you have inserted and where. Some plugins are more CPU intense than others. It also depends where in the montage the plugins are inserted as WaveLab can take advantage of multi-core processing for some rendering situations.

Additionally, it depends what sample rate you’re working at, rendering to, and of course your computer specs.

At 96k, working fully in the box, I’d say 25 minutes is the longest album renders I have to endure and that’s on my fairly powerful 2019 Intel Mac Pro. Rendering speeds are a bit faster on my M1 laptop.

I’d say if it’s taking 4.5 hours, it’s probably normal for your computer and configuration but I would say it’s definitely not normal or ideal here.

Most full albums where I’ve already done the heavy lifting with a digital/analog hybrid render in just a few minutes to do the final tweaks/final limiting, etc.

Does not seem normal at all. What is the total duration of the montage? Rendering is at least as fast as real-time (or you can’t playback). If it takes 4.5 hours to render, that means your montage is at least 4.5 hours. Is that really the case?

Please describe more the contents of the montage and its plugins.

Another thing that comes to mind is that some plugins have different oversampling settings for playback and rendering.

For example, some plugins allow you set 2x or 4x oversampling on playback but 16x or more on rendering for example. That’s a case that could cause slower than 1x rendering speed.

Additionally, the older UAD plugins that run on the UAD DSP render insanely slow compared to their native counterparts. For example. the Vertigo VSM-3 from Plugin Alliance and UAD is the exact same plugin however, the native version from Plugin Alliance renders a lot faster than the one that runs off the UAD card.

No the montage is under 60 minutes. Its an M1 studio mac with 64 Gig ram.

All the plugins are either plugin-alliance or acustica. The only one that isn’t is Unisum compressor. I’ve used the same plugins in cubase (which I had been using for mastering until I got Wavelab) and it renders really fast. The session is 48Khz. It seems like something must be wrong here, but I can’t think what.

I was going to assume Acustica but wanted to let it come up naturally if that were the case.

I would see how quickly things render without Acustica, at least as a test. It could be a certain Acustica plugin that is slowing things down, or just all of them in general.

In my opinion, Acustica plugins are not well optimized at all for performance despite how great they may sound. And any plugin can perform differently in different DAWs. Even though Cubase and WaveLab are made by Steinberg, they are not the same and for example, Cubase doesn’t have Clip Effects so the architecture and rendering operation can also be different.

I use Unisum often without issue, even in the “Pristine” resolution mode and at 96k…and the handful of Plugin Alliance plugins I use also render quickly and easily.

Something sure in any case: the time is consumed by plugins. If you remove the plugins, note the time it takes…

Indeed, and oversampling is a time-consuming process.