Long Cubase loading and screen displays

Hi to all,

just an information, no complain :wink:

I work under PT9 and C6 / WL7 with a “good” material configuration (3 dedicated HD for plugins, video and audio and SSD for system, RAM 24 GB, bla…bla) and all is fine, all app’s start and run really fast.

A part of my activity is voice over and dubbing, and I recently tried to add a third screen to my video board (Asus ENGTX580). After reboot and change “screen order” to make some display tests (one screeen on each of the two DVI outputs and third screen on DisplayPort), Cubase took a long… long… very long time to load, several minutes ! Adobe Premiere CS was not affected, always very fast to load. I return to previous configuration (only DVI outputs used) and all got OK, as before.

I don’t know if relation between screen conf and time take by Cubase to load was already mentionned, but I read some posts where people complained about this long loading problem.

So just a little message that can be seen as additional information… if necessary :wink:

Good day to all,