Long delivery times / Cubase's 30th anniversary promotion

Due to the high demand, considerably long delivery times are to be expected. The earliest possible shipment date for orders of the USB-eLicenser will be in the first week of June. Please excuse this delay. Of course the reduced price is still valid for all orders until June 3, 2019.

I am ordering the product from India and I would like to know whether the E-licenser will be delivered from somewhere in my country or will it be shipped internationally. Thanks.

I’m trying to buy the Cubase PRO 10 (downloadable version). I tried with 3 credit cards and did not get results.
I called VISA and MASTERCARD and they told me that everything is fine.

Does your service work correctly?
I want to buy the offer of 30th anniversary, I’m afraid of losing the offer


same but then I used the same card with PayPal. worked fine

What is the current expected availability of USB-eLicencers?

To shorten the delay, is it possible to order the E-licenser from a third party vendor, and about Steinberg’s one :

  • cancel (by mail for example) the order, OR
  • get a refund when it’s received (slightly more complicated) ?

About me, forget the question above. After asking, I thought that I don’t wan’t to deal with two companies. So, I will get the e-licenser from Steinberg too, even if I have to wait.

Without the shortage, what is the usual delivery times of the elicenser? As there is a shortage have they been sent out yet?

I bought a USB elincenser, steinberg will send us a email with some tracking number?
Because I don’t know if they already sent the USB or if they don’t…

Anyone can help me?

Same here

Steinberg sent an email when they sent the e-licencer :

  • I ordered Cubase Artist + e-licencer on june 2nd
  • They sent the e-licencer on june 7th
  • I received it (in France) on june 11th

I all, I’ve sent a crossgrade (from LogicProX) request almost seven weeks ago with no answer from Steinberg. I’ve attached my purchase receipt to prove I’m eligible. Any news??

I’m hoping someone at Steinberg is going to read this.
I’ve purchased Cubase 10 Pro, and of course the USB licenser to go with it, on the Steinberg web store.
Guess what -
the USB dongle never arrived (it’s been over a month now)
steinberg sent me a DHL tracking number, but DHL tracking system says they didn’t actually receive the package from Steinberg
I created a support ticket at ask.net. they don’t reply or react except for a generic automated reply.
when I created the support ticket, a user account was created.
then I got locked out of ask.net user support because the password they sent me doesn’t work and “reset password” feature is broken.
nobody at ask.net responds to any of my e-mails regarding these subjects.
I am extremely disappointed, having spent good money on the product that is not delivered and the seller ignores me.

I don’t know what else to do.
Unless someone at Steinberg steps up and fixes the issue,
next step is going thru paypal and credit card company to try and get refund and forget about Steinberg altogether.

I live in Israel, by the way.

Three months later still no answer from the Steinberg support!!!

Steinberg Support has no support requests under your name / e-mail address. Please note that Asknet and Steinberg are two different companies, with separate helpdesks and separate servers / accounts.

I checked your order history, there is an empty order dated 1st of June 2019 - if you have been charged for that, please get in contact with Asknet.
You can also call for immediate help: https://www.asknet.com/company/customer-support.html