Long duration projects

Hi ,

I am using Cubase 7.5 with the latest update in 10.9.4 OSx .

Presently working on a project which is almost 60 mnts in time and more than 80 tracks . my session get stuck or plays slow .

Can anyone guide me on this .

I quite regularly work with long projects, I have one going at the moment which is 2 hours, its a live gig. Yep, it gets slow and I’ve got a 6core extreme processor and UAD!

The main thing I do to help it speed up is to regularly bounce down my edits. For example, in my live gig, if I’m say cutting up the vocal to remove ‘silent’ sections then this will invevitable create many many short sections and I’ve found that this slows the reaction of cubase down. So each time I finish a song in the live set I’ll bounce it down to a single part in the project again and things speed up a bit.

I’ve recently taken to duplicating the track version before bouncing so that I can go back to the original cut version of the vocals in case I’ve messed up. I used to dup the whole track and then disable & hide the old tracks in a folder. I’m not sure yet which solution might be better for performance.

Another thing that seems to impinge on performance is vari-audioing very long parts. Again, I tend to clip them up into smaller sections, e.g. chorus, verse, then bounce down those sections so that when I open up one of them I haven’t got a whole giant file beyond the boundaries slowing things down (or so it seems to me). Then I also bounce the variaudio’d version down later too (whilst always keeping copies of the orig parts) to help keep the load down.

I don’t know if its really caused by graphics or just general resources available, but certainly reducing the number of distinct objects visible or being played within the project seems to work for me.


thanks mike