long filename bug?

sometimes when saving files with quite a long filename i get this error.
It still plays the file but i don’t see the waveform and it keeps hanging in the screen as in the second attachement.
A bug?

I must also note that when i delete the gpk file by hand and re-open the file it still doesn’t show the waveform so i supsect it’s because of the filename length. But why does windows not give an error then?

Quite a long name indeed. I count 269 characters. During a long time (Windows history), it was not possible to write file paths longer than 260 characters under Windows. I guess we fall here in this case here (but WaveLab issue). I note to check this in the future, but for the time being, keep names a bit shorter.
Thanks for the report.


I know the filename is pretty long indeed, but the customer wants it that way to keep track of things.
Would be a good idea to look into that indeed.