Long lag on all audio functions

Hi folks,

I’m just trying out Cubase 8 Pro on my late 2009 Mac Pro (2x2.26GHz, 32GB RAM, 10.9.5) running Pro Tools HDX hardware with 48 IO and two UAD Octo Cards.

I’m experiencing extreme lagginess with the audio. Between hitting play, and play actually starting, there’s a lag of at least a second. And, rather disconcertingly, there’s an even longer lag between moving faders, muting or soloing a track, changing a plugin parameter, etc and actually hearing the results. I’ve also found that audio editing is very very slow. I did chop up one stereo file into maybe a couple of hundred pieces to get it all locked into time, and there were lags of many seconds between hitting cut and the cut happening.

I’ve tried a ton of different buffer settings, and it’s consistent across them all. Tried ASIOGuard off and on, multi processor off and on, I started on and upgraded to and it’s always the same.

I’m really excited to dig deeper into Cubase; the functionality I’ve found so far is really cool. I’m certain that the behaviour I’m experiencing is not normal - does anyone have any insight or suggestions as to what might be the issue?


D :slight_smile:

Hi again folks,

Okay I have tracked down the strange lag to having Control Room enabled.

I don’t know why this would be causing such long delays in the audio world, but when it’s off, performance, playback, and overall responsiveness is very snappy and quick. With control room on, it becomes unusable.

Has anyone experienced this issue?


D :slight_smile: