Long legs (Remix)

You need Long Legs for the long run
The piece is more 3D now… More dynamics too…

Long Legs by Stephco (soundcloud.com)

Still 4 to remix to complete the OverLand album.

Hi Stephco,

I received and installed my new acquisition, the Yamaha HS8 sound boxes. This is the first remix of your album OverLand that I listen to with these.

The result is remarkably interesting and enjoyable. More 3D and dynamic, that’s definitely true. There is what comes from the box on the left, what comes from the right and what exists between the two. What is remarkable compared to the HS5 is the space, the dimension, the depth that is defined between the boxes and the elements that seem to exist only in the right or left box as three clearly defined dimensional spaces.

Your excellent work makes me greatly appreciate my new acquisition.

See you soon!

Hi Rene,
yes, the HS8 are really extremely useful. They give incredible help to accuracy in sound, not only on the frequencies, but also on the positions as well.
Enjoy your brand new monitors!

I wish I had the same sense of where everything belonged that you do. Listening here on the prior generation HSM80’s. The overall sound is remarkable.

Looking forward to more remixes.

Thank you again, Leon, for your time listening and kind work. Yes… more to come.

A lot going on in this fascinating mix which, for me has a post apocolyptic industrial feel,
super percusion throughout with some scary stabs here and there, a piece to be proud of my friend.

Hey knmack, Thank you for your words & comments. Happy you enjoyed that one!
Take care.