Long loading pauses after play is stopped.

I’m having a very annoying issue with Cubase 6 ( 6.03 - 32bit) on Windows 7. Every few times I press stop on playback, I get the spinning blue wheel and for about 20-30 seconds i can’t do anything. This is a very annoying problem as it makes working (especially when editing drums) ALOT slower and more annoying. Anyone know what may be causing this issue? Its driving me crazy!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Maybe the auto-save feature? I’ve got a feeling it waits for at least recordings to stop before it performs a save. 20-30 seconds sounds like a lot though unless you have a really massive project.

Yep that looks like auto save to me
Try turning it off and see if the problem goes away.

Have a look in your “Pool” and see if there are any stray samples from another Project in there.
I get this if I’ve been lazy and just erased all tracks in a project just to get a new song started quickly but with the same page layout for use for the same “band”.