Long menus run off the Screen (Was: Project Logical Editor Interface problem)

The project Logical Editor seems to have a different look given to it, though I don’t know if there are any other changes in functionality. I have a problem in that if the list of commands exceeds the screen height, then they don’t show at all. Moving the mouse over the blank white area reveals the commands (which can be selected) but if you try to scroll down then it is not possible to reveal the lower commands.
I think its happening in folders with a long list of commands (I use metagrid). The standard folders with half a dozen or so all show ok.
Reminds me of the issue in Expression maps where they all disappear if you assign too many and there isn’t room for them. I can render a standard defaults folder invisible, “Examples” for example, by adding lots of commands to it.
Can anybody else replicate this?


This is an known issue and it should be fixed in the next update.

Thank you for the feedback. At present it limits PLE to around 52 menu items, beyond that the items cannot be selected. (This may perhaps vary according to screen size/resolution ?

Just trying to get up and running here on Cubase 10 with my newly downloaded Metagrid. I’m not sure …despite instructions, what I am supposed to be putting in the Project Logical Editor folder in Prefs. Do I put the whole Cubase folder that a is in the Metagrid App…resources folder in the existing Logical Editor folder, or just they Logical Edit folder from Metagrid folder…in which case it would replace the one already there…please advise…thx!

It’s not just the PLE/LE that do this. Any menu I have that scrolls off the bottom of the Window, like Quantize Presets, also does this. And when you scroll back up the items at the top of the list are now blank too - but mousing over them repaints to top entries.

Good to know a fix is planned.

Probably better to start a new thread for this. :wink:
A) You don’t take this thread off topic
B) You stand a much better chance of folks reading & answering if the subject line matches your issue.

This issue make editing in Beat Designer all but impossible. Each time you want to assign a drum to a note, you have to scroll down to make the list show, then assign the sound, etc. :frowning:

I really hope this one gets corrected soon. It’s all over the program in various places. :frowning:


Sorry, what are you referring to? This thread is about the Project Logical Editor interface, not about the Best Designer.

Same problem exists in Beat Designer, in all the MIDI Plug-ins, in the LE and in the PLE – anywhere there are presets the lists are blank until the mouse rolls over them.

This really is not a problem with the Logical Editor as such, this is a system wide problem with Cubase 10.



This is an known issue. I hope this will be fixed in the next update.