Long note velocity variation

Hi, I’m on Cubase elements 12 and I’m using the BBC symphony orchestra VST. I want to do a long note crescendo using the velocity (from a low velocity up to 127) but one note only has 1 velocity value that can’t vary. Is it possible to have a long note change it’s velocity ?
Thank you

See midi velocity - Google Search

Most instruments use either Modulation Wheel (CC1) or CC2 or CC11, or even others, depending on the product.

Maybe someone who uses The BBC VST product will chime in…


like said, some libraries work with the modulation wheel, others also work with aftertouch, also some have dedicated crescendo articulations with real recorded crescendos.


You need to use Midi Control CC 11 (Expression Control)
Either by drawing or by your midi controller,
You can also combine it with CC1 (Modulation Wheel)
which is used to seemlessly connect the different dynamics of sampled instrument for more realism

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