Long notes spanning bars

Hello Dorico, what is the technical reason that we can’t have long notes spanning bars just simply? I have become adept at the 1:1 tuplet that spans barline technique, but when you have a lot of this it becomes tedious very quickly.

If there is no absolute technical showstopper reason I’d make this a feature request. I can’t see any musical reason to ban doing this - it’s very common practice.

Hello Andro, can you please explain, what you mean by long notes “spanning/spaning” bars.
Do you want notes to be placed in the middle between the barlines?

Very common:


Insisting on breaking a long note is pedantic, and introduces visual noise. Besides, this style has been used for hundreds of years.

Nowhere did I mention centering notes. That’s unrelated.

I’d be very interested in seeing some examples of such a thing in music between 1600 and 1900.

I must not have had enough coffee. Total nonsense from me - of course, this is really a modernist notation.

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I’ve seen it. More often, I’ve seen, when a dotted note crosses the barline, the note is in the first bar and just the dot is in the second. If I get a moment I’ll try to find some pictures.

Putting a dot on the other side of the barline is a very different thing: it splits the ‘note’ across the barline. That’s very different from one note form encompassing more than one bar. It doesn’t really work unless you’re using Mensurstriche, which is a 20th-century invention.

You might get one note at the end of a piece that stretches for several bars, while other parts have a suspension or ornament into the cadence.