Long Recording makes unreadable file

Hi All,
I had a bad idea to record the three channels B-Format components in a single LCR file. In recordings session was all ok. But when I reopened the project NUENDO gives me the “loser glance” and the file becomes unreadable. No error messages. No Missing files but only a disturbing event without waveform. In the pool the file is 0:00 long…

Why is possible that NUENDO doesn’t say any errors?
How I can rescue my 5.3GB file?

MacBook Pro with Mac Os Lion
NUENDO 5.5.3
External HDD MacOs

Help me please.
Thank You!

Maybe you can try Wav Saver …

It’s PC only though.


Hi Fredo,
Wav Saver doesn’t helped me. Like every kind of solution suggested by google.
Only VLC play it but in a kind of submix of the three channels.
… is like a dead-end street.

Thank You.