Long save times w/Kontakt etc., described in 9.5.1 release notes -- are they longer than 9.5?

I’m not going to update until I know for sure that the long save times using Kontakt and other sample-heavy VSTi’s (which was noted in the release notes above) is not any longer with 9.5.1 than it is with 9.5. It’s already painfully long with that for large projects that have lots of samples for scoring, so I need to know that it’s not even longer now!

Can anyone let me know? Thanks!

Still super long!

Seems like a small thing but it’s amazing how much of a workflow killer it is. And it’s tough to swallow when Logic has almost instantaneous save times (though of course, Logic’s lack of an incremental auto save is rather terrible).

Hi guys! I´m new to Cubase. I recently purchased Cubase Pro after 10 years of heavy Pro Tools usage. I made the move beacause I wanted to have a large template for film scoring. But the long save times are killing me! Does anyone know if Steinberg is even planning on solving this? Best!

Steinberg rarely ever chimes in to say they’re working on something, so I wouldn’t hold your breath. This has been an issue for a while, and I’m shocked it still exists because of the amount of composers who use Cubase. It is a mega-workflow destroyer, indeed. NI and Steinberg need to get on this very intently if they aren’t already.