Long saving times

Until some time ago I used Dorico Pro just with virtual Midi cables linked to a sequence program (Samplitude).
In my last project I use the VSTi’s in Dorico Pro.
I encounter a little inconvenience. Every time that Dorico auto-saved (or when I pressed ctrl + s) I have to wait some time before I can go on with my work. (In the past I lost work by not saving quickly my new ideas.) When I use virtual midi cables, saving is much quicker.
I have a lot of vsti’s (several vsti’s for many instruments, so that I can make choices between libraries by choosing another voice.)
What I understand of saving a file, is that every time the whole file is saved with all the vsti’s.
I wonder if it should be possible to make a possibility to just save the score without everytime all vsti’s. The VSTi’s aren’t changed so much. A kind of tempory saving the score with the possibility that after a crash it is possible to couple the score to the file with all vsti’s.

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately Dorico doesn’t have any way of knowing whether or not the VST configuration has changed, so it has to save the entire state every time. Depending on which VST instruments you’re using, you may find that they provide options for whether or not their state should be persisted when saving the project; for example, VE Pro has a “decoupled” mode that means it does not save its state when you save in Dorico, which can reduce the save time quite a bit. It might be worth taking a look at the settings within the plug-ins you’re using to see if this is an option provided by any of them.

Thanks, Daniel. I use for all instruments VEPro. So “decoupling all instances” does exactly what I’m looking for.