long "scanning" in mediabay when first starting cubase


ok, so it seems that I have pinpointed the long “scanning” in mediabay when cubase first starts up (which was introduced in c7 or c8- cant remember) -> it comes from one specific location.

-> the location that gets scanned (and why mediabay takes so long to initialize) is:

The user content in the VSTSound section.

thats right.

somehow cubase wants to scan the “user content” in the VSTSound section everytime when it starts. (no matter if there is any new content that was added “offline” or if you tell mediabay to only scan when it is closed or any other setting)

this seems to be an oversight.

somehow, somewhere in the cubase code, this was overseen. - but, should be very easy for steinberg to fix if they choose to do so (as it serves no purpose whatsoever - and -is not needed for normal operation.


edit: seems the long delay when changing the db slope in the stock eq (which has also been introduced in the last few versions) could also be very easily remedied
-> i take it that it is a type “Menu Show Delay Time in Registry” kinda function (set the milliseconds delay where the menu -or in this case- the db slope of the eq is)

  • one could change the db slope selector menu pop-up to instant - while “if long press” will trigger the frequency values)

Yes it’s Veeeeeeery long, for me MediaBay take near 5mn to finish scanning… :open_mouth: :cry:

Someone at Steinberg say it was “Made by design” … :frowning:

that is not normal… lol

for me it takes around 23 seconds after I launch cubase and open a new project -> still, that’s a long time when inspiration hits and you want to jump right in… (it feels like it at least)

maybe you have another setting “ticked” or “unticked” in mediabay that makes it take so long… -> like i said, it is not scanning your samples etc… just the “user content” (takes long time) and the “factory content” (super fast) folders in the vstsound section…

edit: the “made by design” doesn’t fly with me… -> what purpose does it serve if it was made by design? if there is “intelligent design” behind it, it should be clear as to what purpose it serves… I cannot identify the purpose though.

aaanywho -> this should be a breeze to fix…


One moderator said it was “by design” but didn’t elaborate. Another moderator said he could not understand this behavior or why it re-scans.

I have pursued it with other beta testers and come to no conclusions as to the reason why.

But the detrimental effect it has for myself is that anything you purposely leave unchecked in the user content will be automatically re-checked upon opening Cubase again. :smiling_imp:

Lol… Seems that i also participated in that thread… - didnt even remember it…lol (thought i finally found a solution…lol)

Also seems that I still do not know of its purpose… (except the one i stated in that old thread)

Would be good to finally have a reason for this behavior so that we can bury the subject…

Sooo, I ask again: why and for what?

Edit: the solution is simple, just “index” it once into an xml or whatever and it doesnt have to rescan everytime…

2 wild card guesses: by re-scanning AND re-checking, it dumbs down the Media Bay to prevent user error. Which of course is a bad thing IMO. For myself un-checking certain boxes in the user folder makes it faster and easier to load presets.

My other guess is that the re-scanning has something to do with a new Media Bay feature that hasn’t been developed yet. Yeah, I’m really digging for reasons…