Long search waiting time when loading track preset

When I go to load a track from the track preset browser, I’m met with an active search that takes >10 seconds. I’m not sure why, because I would think that even a fairly complex database query would take far less time. It sort of negates the convenience of a track preset if we have to wait for an unusually long search query to complete before we can even use the menu. To clarify, I have not activated a search, it just starts on its own when I open the track preset menu. Honestly, I just want to get to my track presets, I don’t even need the hundreds that come with Cubase. Will deleting the Cubase track presets speed this up? Why is it searching anyways, I didn’t make a search query, all I’ve done is open the menu.

+1 on this - mine loads about 10, then a while later the rest appear. Is it searching multiple locations at once?

Seriously though, would any Steinberg peeps care to chime in on this? I just had a 30ish second wait opening the preset window. Is there anything at all that I can do to minimize the search wait? I’d prefer that it not search at all, that it just open up so i can browse to my presets.

me too, huge problems with this lately, and its gotten really bad last 2 weeks, before that all was good. All plugins with the “cubase” presets design is a waiting game that is just too much to handle while plugins like Soundtoys etc that have their own way to handle presets works just fine

Get an SSD, chaps.

I have SSD discs… that is not the problem. My problem is now fixed. I did go to regedit and delete some plugins that I didn’t have installed anymore, I also switched from the Generic AMD graphics driver to their latest driver on the site. All of the sudden my presets show up just as quick as on a fresh install. so Cubase must have been searching for something that slowed the results down I think.

I had to do the reg cleaning manually, not ccleaner or any other apps

Yeah, I hate VSTi plugins that shitting their stuff all over the system :imp:

It’s def got nothing to do with having an SSD (which I have as my system drive). The presets should be stored as a text file or database, easily searchable within 0-3 secs. Mine has been taking almost a minute lately when I first open Cubase.

I’ve been dealing with my EQ settings taking like 10 seconds to load for the last couple of years despite having an M.2 HDD going 3,000mbps read speeds.

Solution for me:
I just now turned off “INCLUDE FOLDERS AND SUBFOLDERS,” and now it’s back to loading instantly! I’m sad it took me all these years to find this out, lol.

I was having same issues in the preset browser. It took me 35 sec to load a preset. I finally found the time to troubleshoot the problem. Turns out, I had mounted an external SSD (which I use for backups) in media browser. When I unmounted it, the presets loaded instantly again.

It really made my day!

Hence my advise: When you experience long loading times in Cubase’s preset browser, open your media bay and unmount your drives one by one to see where the culprit lies. It could save you a lot of headache.