Long staff names in Write mode obscure editing

Hi all,

I apologize if this issue has been mentioned before. To quote an old saying “what is not broken, needs not be changed”. Namely, since one of the recent patches, I’m noticing that when a player is given many different instruments, the left-hand side staff label in write mode becomes cumbersomely long.

Some time ago this was not the default behavior: even with many instruments given to a single player, the label would only display the short name of the current instrument of the staff. Currently, the long label obscures almost half of the screen at a time and editing is difficult. Is there any chance (or a setting that would disable this behavior?) that this could be changed back to the way it was?

All the best,

This isn’t an answer to your question so much as a suggestion to improve your experience at the moment: the name that you’re seeing is based on the player name, rather than the staff label - you can change the player name to anything you want, e.g. something short. If you want later, you can also revert the player name back to its default, which is ‘all the instruments held by the player’.

Fantastic, this is just what I was looking for. The obvious solution is sometimes right in front of one’s eyes. Thank you Lillie!