long starting time cubase pro9/8.5

Since today the starting time of Cubase 9.0.20 is 3-4 minutes(empty project), because Cubase is scanning VST3 Plugins several minutes on every start (WIN 8.1).
Cubase 8.5.20 is scanning waveshell and initializing vst2 plugin-manager for several minutes, also on every start, since today.
So I went back to a backup of the whole system partition “C” which is 7 days old, it´s the same as above.
Do anybody have an idea?

Thanks Mike


Make sure, Windows or the Waves plug-ins have not been updated, please.

The only thing I’d suggest for a possible quick fix is to reset your preferences. I’m not sure that will work, but doing that will often resolve many issues that crop up from time to time. It’s usually a good first try before assuming something else is wrong. It’s the “Is the unit plugged in?” trouble shooting step in a television set’s setup guide.

After the Preferences are reset, you may have to rebuild or reload your preferred or saved preferences , but it may also correct this issue. If not, then you’ll know something else needs to be addressed – a driver, a plug-in issue, hardware problem. Remove plug-ins and then then re-add them, perhaps on at a time, to find which one is causing the hangup. Good luck with it.