long tenuto notes in today 's music

Do you plan to implement in (near?) future a feature to draw long duration “rectangular noteshead” whose length drawn on the score is equal to the duration length? ( such as often used in spectral music…)

I also greatly appreciated the quarter tone and special scales capability introduced in release 2.2…


We don’t have any current plans for this, but I’m interested to hear more. Can you point me at a few editions that use this notation so I can see some published examples of it in action?

Is the OP thinking of something along the lines of Gould (pp. 632-634)?

Kinda, Derrek: the examples you mention regard electronic instruments and free-metered rhythms, if I recall correctly. Jean-François seems to mention those used in instrumental music, chiefly in the music of the spectralists and in use by those who feel indebted to them since.

Published examples include pretty much all of Grisey (Ricordi) and most of Murail (various, but mostly Lemoine).

I confirm that this is mostly used in spectral music such as GRISEY, MURAIL, etc
RICORDI (Italy) is one of the major publisher for this music, mostly in form of conductor for orchestra / ensemble ( often large formats)
typical notations may be found as samples in presentation