Long Term Cubase Users ... Consider My Forum Complaint

You know who you are.


Check the above, politely posted in the ‘proper’ forum for my take on the current status of this C6 user forum.


Bookmark or subscribe.

I’m sorry, but I am quite sure I wasn’t asking for any advice.

For your information if your neural network can process this, it is still … as always … impossible to subscribe to a post if you don’t know it exists … which is exactly what happens if you are away from the forum for a day or two or longer and posts of possible interest migrate to page 3, 4 or further.


Click on a username or invoke search.

Brains, your staccato attempts at unrequested help are as welcome as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

You have an annoying habit of insisting on answering things no one has asked.

Since you seem to have a hard time with the old ‘compute compute,’ please consider that if one does not know what might have been posted since it has now slipped far down in the forum pages, normal people would find it quite difficult to know which user or topic to search for.

But perhaps you’ve transcended that with some extrasensory ability.


You can set the forum page limit to the current day, or up to a year if that helps.

Brains :wink: is going hell for leather to be the first senior member (506 posts already!!!) so that he can appear to be…well…brainy! :laughing:

Not any more by the looks of it… :laughing:

oooooeeer! looks like he just got ‘guested’ too! :open_mouth:

Probably for the posts he made in the new patch topic, some of his posts there have been reduced to […] :confused:


And I thought he’d just picked me out of a hat for abuse.

Thanks to all for the … dare I say … ‘cerebral’ reality check!


So who cleans house around here and decides to move threads?

It would almost appear to be motivated by a desire to curtail communication regarding awkward topics for the administrators.


It just goes to prove it’s better to be smart than brainy, but I don’t think Brains was either. I’ve seen the suggestion that Brains is actually Conman who’s created multiple accounts. There’s certainly much in common with their apparent desire to help but readiness to spread misinformation, and often not seeming to understand the topic very well. Why do people do it? :unamused: :angry: I think there’s another waste of time on the “My mix’s (sic) sound like mud” thread.

I thought he was just a bobblehead, anyway. Not smart or brainy, but definitely poorly animated.

What’s this paranoid twaddle? I only have ONE account because there’s no time for more. I have not been to the “my mixes sound like mud” thread so I don’t know who’s there or what has been said.
I certainly don’t spread misinformation.
I think I’m owed an apology here.
This sort of thing is what makes the forum look so amateur. Please stop hijacking a good thread with personal and false accusations. The mods can see exactly how many accounts I have and where I have been. And they can see yours too. :wink:

Apologies Como. There’s sense in what you suggest and I see nothing against it. Good luck.

Conman said

What’s this paranoid twaddle?

There’s only one paranoid twaddler here.

If you want more than one account, you have to buy more than one product. :nerd:

Aaaaargh! N-o-o-o-o! :open_mouth: Actually that Avatar is much better. I hope your input will be too.

The only reason I own a steinberg product is so I can liaise with the most intelligent people (I consider) in the world…

Cubase Users.

Cheers :laughing:

The only reason I own a steinberg product is so I can liaise with the most intelligent people (I consider) in the world…

Cubase Users.

Cheers > :laughing:

Brains - you’re right there. Maybe I’ve misjudged you? :blush: :stuck_out_tongue: