Long term effect of this setup?

I moved Dorico 3 from my i5 laptop with 8gigs of ram, to an i7 laptop with 16gigs of ram. The large orchestration sets now input much better. Still get a few hesitations, but way better In general.

The only real issue I had with this move is the i7 only has a 125gigs SSD,and the I5 had 250. So, I had no room for the 40gigs of gold symphonic play library except on the slower hard drive part. (5400 rpm I think)

I went and got a 64 gig flash drive ($14) Ultra speed sandisk on a C USB, and copied the 40 gigs of eastwest samples onto to it. Seems to work pretty well…

Can’t beat the price, but wondering how well this will hold up. Should I expect this to fail shortly?


Flash drives are more likely to fail from repeated writes than repeated reads, and presumably you are not going to use that flash drive for anything else except reading the samples. There are no guarantees how long it will last, but I would expect you would get a few years out of it, not a few weeks.

Thanks. Even if it lasted a year, that would make it cost effective.