Long time Logic user really needs help with how to solo part

Hi as a long time Logic user I am now in my 3rd month as a new Cubase user and there’s something I can’t figure out how to do that I did in Logic and it is slowing down my workflow. I need to know how to solo a part/clip independently of track solo. A couple of examples of when I use this is as follows…

I have a number of tracks in solo mode to isolate certain elements, eg. 5 tracks with various synth audio clips and 3 tracks with various percussion clips. If i want to then quickly isolate just one clip on one of the tracks to hear it solo’d how do I do it? In logic the track solo function is independent of a part solo function that are both available simultaneously. I want to keep working with the aforementioned tracks still in solo mode but be able to quickly solo and un-solo clips. I need to do this for various reasons, the most obvious to just hear what a particular sound is doing to the mix while still working with the isolated tracks.

Another thing I need to do all the time is this… I quite often will have a busy section of small cut up audio clips quite close together. I need to be able to quickly isolate a small individual clip to find if it is the one that is causing a click or not to then adjust the fade in/out accordingly. This is near impossible to do if i cannot isolate each clip slice.

This seems an obvious and essential thing, am I missing something? I thought of creating a ‘Part solo’ macro that just mutes all the other parts except the selected part, ie a kind of inverse solo, but this also un-mutes the already muted parts/clips which still doesn’t work for me. I know I can also play the clips from the editor window but can i hear it as it is with the fades and active plugins?

Thanks in advance


Hi and welcome on the forum,

I’m sorry, there is no Event/Part based Solo in Cubase.

The only workaround, I could imagine at this moment, is to create own Macro, which would create a new Track Version and paste the only selected Event/Part to this new Track Version. Something like:

  • Edit > Copy
  • Track Versions > New Version
  • Edit > Paste at Origin

You could assign Alt + S or any other Key Command to this Macro. Once you want to “un-solo” the Event/Part, you would just

  • Track Versions > Delete Version (assign other Key Command)

I know, it’s not as elegant as it is in Logic, sorry.

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I know it’s a bummer, since Nuendo has this feature.

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Oh yeah nice thanks. This seems like the only solution so far that will work , I’ll give it a go although there are edits I’m likely to make on the soloed part while its soloed that would need replace the original once I un-solo it. I was hoping to make a macro that after selecting the part(PART A) to be soloed, uses the project logical editor to select all other un-muted parts in the arrange other than PART A, mute them, then somehow unmute and re-select PART A. This way I could add to the soloed parts in the same way the “mute parts” function works if u know what I mean. I’m thinking for this I’d need to first temporarily append the name of the PART A with a search string so the macro can re-select it after selecting and muting all other parts. Problem is that I cant find a way to then remove the appended search string from the PART A name. If that is possible then I’m thinking it is possible to accurately mimic the Logic solo function. Any ideas on this?


I just realised, you can also use Track Lanes instead of the Track Versions. Then you can Solo the Track Lane.