Long time of preset menu to com up

Since N8 any VST or VSTi I work with takes time to the presets to show up.
I hace the “wheel” spining and Im waiting, sometime for too long (10 sec or more) for the presets to show up?

Any idea? its very frustrating.

I had the same problem for vst(i) presets.
While Nuendo is close, try to remove (in a back up folder) the Default.xml .

The .xml is in User/you/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Nuendo

In my case each time i restart Nuendo, preset for example of my UAD eq takes about 10 to 15 sec to load in my library on the first time, then preset load and show normally instantly.
I guess Nuendo don’t save in a “temporary memory” the presets, it have to re-scan the preset library when starting the DAW.
Maybe i missed an option to lock library preset scan ?

For FX Chain preset some are faster to come, and some still takes about 5 seconds to come each time i want to load my library preset…

I was coming to the forum to write about this exact thing. Preset load times are very long. Any other tips to speed this up. I’m on a SSD drive for main system and I just recently refreshed the default.xml and it’s still long. Noticing it on Reverence Presets, track presets.

thanks guys

Anyone else with this problem?
I see Im not the only one.

Same here.Buf I found that if using “Run as administrators “to run Nuendo 8 would be a lot faster.I think it’s about some permissions issue.Plz fix!

Anyone with a solution? or idea why this problem occurs?

this is very frustrating.