long track crashes Wavelab

Hi, I’m trying to master a Radio documentary in Wavelab 9.5 Pro.
The documentary is 28 minutes long and it keeps crashing the program.
I regularly use Wavelab on songs that are about 3 to 5 minutes long and have never had this issue before.
Is this a known bug? Any suggestions?
I’ll probably end up mastering it in Cubase if no solutions are found.

How do you use WaveLab? What plugins are you using?

I was also going to ask if the crash is during playback, or rendering.

Maybe posting a crash report would help narrow things down.

I do radio sometimes (used to much more often) and the length of the audio alone has never been a factor - back to WL 3 even. I can’t imagine otherwise, but just to make sure: are you using the montage?

Exactly. I’ve mastered live albums that I import to the montage as a single file and they can be very long, over an hour no problem.

I also recently mastered a couple deluxe edition remasters entirely “in the box” in WaveLab and they were nearly 80 minutes each. No issues or changes in behavior due to the length.

Hi, thanks for the reply,
I usually mixdown in Cubase or ProTools then master my tracks in Wavelab
I’ve got a UAD passive massive EQ, a Waves SSL comp, a Waves L2 limiter and a Waves Loudness meter plugins running.

Not a montage, it’s just a single WAV mixdown. I’ve never had an issue with Wavelab before either. I just wondered if the length of the track might be the culprit, but maybe it’s not that.

No, the length can’t be a problem, as far as you have disk space.

I work regularly on sound recordings from sporting events, so 3-4 hours in a single wave file is not unusual. I’ve never had a problem. Can you use some other tool to check the conformity of the wave file, i.e. could it be that the source file is somehow corrupt?

I just loaded a 70 min wave file … live concert … at 24/96 no issues

I do lots of long format programs (live recordings) up to 120 minutes and never a problem back to WL 1.6. I guess I would check and see where WL is storing your working files as you work on them. If the drive is almost full there could be problems. Sorry I cannot be of more help!

I’ve got a UAD passive massive EQ, a Waves SSL comp, a Waves L2 limiter and a Waves Loudness meter plugins running.

Maybe there is a plugin problem, combination of plugs or need to update etc !?
the length of file can’t really be the reason nowdays simply because the WaveLab
have been around for + 20 years…

regards S-EH

Over the last month, I have completed 35 6.5 hour recordings. Of those 35 recordings, 2 crashed while recording.

Maybe try without any plug-ins to see if a plug is causing an issue?

I found in the old days that if the disk I was recording to was badly fragmented and 3/4 full I could have the recording crash. This was with WL 6 and Windows XP. Now with Windows 7 and WL 9 I very rarely get crashes. FWIW