long triplet notation in 4/4


May be a very dump question, sorry about that…
I have this long passage coming from a midi file and Dorico transcribed it as in the lower staff.
I need it to be notated like in the upper staff.

What would be the best way to make all the lower staff look like the top staff ?
(I mean not in the transcription process but in actual editing in Dorico)
I can’t find it and have little time…


There’s no instant way to do it, but I would suggest engaging Insert mode, deleting the existing tuplet bracket, splitting the note with U and then adding the appropriate tuplet, before disengaging insert mode, would be a reasonably quick way?

Thanks Daniel

Oh, that’s to long, there is so many bars like this.
I ended up doing it elsewhere and re importing it in xml…

That kind of transform would be for future plugins I imagine ?
I still would love that the triplets transcribe like the upper staff in 4/4. Seems like 2/2 to me like this.


I have no idea if this actually works, but maybe Edit > Requantize will help you.