Longer Save Times on C 6.0.5 - midi only

I have noticed that .cpr files are requiring a much longer time to save, even with just midi-only files. I was able to cut down on the save time considerably by removing an unused Halion Sonic SE instrument that was not being used.

The issue began when I was importing midi data into a frest .cpr song. Each time a new midi song file was imported it created a new Instrument instance of Halion Sonic SE. Since I needed less than 16 instruments I simply assigned all the outputs to one Halion Instrument. Then deleted the other. I compared save times by counting how many rotations the Wait Circle made in W7 while saving. It went down from 5 to 1 rotation. Quite a diff. The file size halfed as well.

Hope this helps some of you too.

Joey Daddario

I have the exact opposite. I have a HUGE template that took about 11 seconds to save before 6.05… now it saves in 4 to 5 seconds. A giant improvement for me.

Wow thats great. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong…hmmm.