Longstanding Issue with Cubase + Kontakt + Loops

Hello group!

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I’ve had this issue for a long time, and instead of getting to the bottom of it, I’ve simply used some horrible workarounds. With a big deadline and a high pressure project, I’m finally ready to figure this thing out. So here goes!

VIDEO OF THE ISSUE=============
VIDEO OF THE ISSUE=============

Some of my favorite NI/Kontakt Loop-based Instruments have exhibited this weird behaviour. Real-time MIDI performances sound as expected, but when I playback that same material in Cubase, the instruments jump mid-loop. NOTHING I do with the mid has the desired effect. Shifting notes around does nothing! All the new NI Guitar Strummers exhibit this , and several of the awesome Sonokinetic libraries, such as Minimal and WW/Strings Ostinato series.

Cubase 10.5 on a Windows 10 PC!

Thank you so much for weighing on this. I’m desperate for an answer :nerd:

I found that if I have any meter changes in Cubase, that messes everything up. So the only workaround that I have so far is to avoid ANY meter changes!