Longtime Cubase user using Ableton Live for the past few months...impressions.

Holy cripes on a hamper stick, I gotta say: Live has some great features that make it faster and more efficient in some significant ways, but on the whole it’s not even close to the advanced level of Cubase for a deep user like myself. I’ve been learning it in order to change things up a bit on the “beat” making front, and have found that it’s pretty limited and basic with many of its editing features, and its handling of audio gets slow and clunky really fast with the more tracks you add. Interesting experience. So many times where I’m saying “It can’t do that!?”, “Not even THAT!? REALLY!?” or “I have to do all of that to do this really simple thing??”. It’s not just a few things – it’s turning into an endless list. :smiley:

I was never planning on leaving Cubase for it, but the vast majority of writer/producers I work with use it so I thought I’d see what the fuss is about. Interesting experience.