Look at the world..Finished (2 years)


I started this project in 2010. I sometimes had to put it aside because of other stuff
and now it’s finaly done. Meaning, I just have to let it go hahaha.
It’s my fourth project but the first with vocals.
Sabine, Nadja and Simone participated on some songs. Nadja is the only professional
vocalist, the other two did this for fun but did a very good job.

All thirteen songs are inspired by the world itself, it’s beauty and sadly also about
the human destructive nature.
When you have the time, lay back with some headphones and let me entertain you
with my synth adventures.


More then this | Be where you belong | Take me Gaia | Let’s get it on
Turn around Ft. Simone | Truly free Ft. Nadja | Lost | Look @ the world
What R U gonna do | Planet of dreams | Stardust Ft. Sabine | Lies |
Our Suicide Ft. Sabine.

How it’s made:

Synths: Korg legacy analogue edition | Prologue | Phosycon
Drums: Samples through groove agent | Superiordrummer with EZX electronic add on | AM Kicklab XXL
Vocals: Rode NTK through a Macky Onyx400F
Guitars on what R U gonna do: Epifhone through Line6 PodXT and RP-distord

Reverbs: UAD realverb pro | Reverence | D16 Toraverb
delays: Rob Papen RP-delay | Cubase delays | GSI GS 201
Filters: Tone2 Filterbank3 & Bifilter
EQ Cubase EQ
Modulations all Native Cubase

Masterchain: UAD CambridgeEQ | UAD Pultec | Cubase compressor | UAD 1176SE |
UAD precision limiter

Metering Voxengo span | TT dynamic range meter

Comments are very welcome!

Greetz DYlan.


Wow an epic work :wink: sounds remebers me to Kraftwerk and some local electronicbands from the late 80 but with much more punch :wink:

Like it

Greetz Bassbase

Congrats on getting It out of the door finally :slight_smile:.
Will give the whole album another listen sometime soon!

Respect…that’s a biggy…

I bow my head Dylan!

This is so good.
You have thought long and hard on this project and it shows.
Frog, big thumbs up from a bare guitarist :slight_smile:

I really like this… this is just “music” if you see what I mean
Hope I am not saying the wrong thing here now.

All the best, Kim

Even further into the musical Journey (because this is what it is)…

I had no idea you were THIS good



I will give it a listen soon!

Thanks for listening guys, appreciate th comments a lot!

@ Uncle Grusom: Hey Kim!

I am going to start another one, offcourse I want to top this one, interested in doing some bass and guitar parts?
Want to do it thematic again, a bit in the style of Arjen Lucassen.
(btw how is open up the sky doing?)

Hi Dylan.
I’d be delighted to contribute.

OT: Arjen Lucassen has always been one of my fav guitarists, all the way from the first Vengeance album.
I am actually so old school that I like his work with Vengeance better than his Ayreon stuff.

I mean: for instance in the song “Arabia”; here he takes everything that Blackmore knows and actually manages to top it!

About “open up the sky”:
Will get to work on that one pronto (and I KNOW people will dig it, hehe)
I’ve had a lot to do lately but things look calmer now.

All the best, Kim :slight_smile:

Hi Dylan,

congrats on getting it done. Catharsis is a wonderful thing. :wink:

No time to listen to all of it now - we’re on the way out to a wedding - so I’m having a sample of it. Love the mix and the electronic drive that you’ve created in the brief amount that I was able to hear. I am definitely looking forward to hearing the entire thing.

Thanks Larry!

Listened to it from beginning to end. Fabulous piece of work! It’s great to hear it all together; it flows beautifully. Congratulations, what an achievement!

Thanks so much!!

The flow in my opinion is not as I wanted it to be, so I am really glad to hear the opposite.
It are a lot of styles mixed together, I want my next project to be more in one style, so right now instead of writing
and creating sounds on the go, I figured first to create all sorts of sounds I want to use, make presets and then start writing to get a coherent soundpalette. Also create preset reverbs and such.

This is a very different aproach because I normally start each song from scratch using no presets, well a few starting patches I made. So I also hope that my new plan will be a timesaver, don’t want it to last another 2 years :slight_smile:

Again thanks for listening!!

I just got my studio PC online so yours is the first forum composition I’ve heard on my studio monitors. The production here is 1st rate , really ! I just listened to the first 2 songs so far.

You really need to revisit the rap in the 2nd song. I wouldn’t say this if the music wasn’t stellar but its so good that the rap ,production wise, needs to be taken as seriously as the music (the same meticulous detail I mean). If you didn’t know before ,now you might see whats hard about rapping, you need to hit tonality AND rhythm AND phrasing. From what I can hear on a single listen,YOU could do this and its mostly good. Rap production is about going word for word to perfect or correct unless you’re a first take flow master. If you tweaked a few things here and there ,the vocal would get to the level of the music. I’m eager to listen to the rest.

Thanks Mr M for listening.
I am not going to revisit any of the songs, I want to go on, there is a lot that I would do differently and there’s a lot that could be done better, but I am going to take that to the next project.

But thanks for the input!

dang… you really know how to make some nice frequencies!

Wish to learn… any secrets? :frowning:

Congratulations, Dylan! I’m looking forward to listening to this in it’s entirety when I get the chance. What I’ve heard so far sounds great. You are a hard working man!

Congrats! It’s nice to finally sign-off on material that’s been hangin’ around for a while. Things can get a little stale, and sometimes never ending! I certainly like clearing room to allow for new stuff to come through hopefully with fresh ideas too.

Listening through some tracks now :sunglasses:

I enjoy your work dylan, its always interesting and ya, has that definite headphone ear candy. I also like the way you incorporate vocals in the arrangements. you get things to change and evolve at the right times.
congrats on what you do, I like it.