Look at the world..Finished (2 years)

Wish to learn… any secrets?

:smiley: With this project I think a lot went into synth movement and lot’s of bridges, breaks etc, a key element to draw the listeners attention. So whenever I created a few bars I always listen where I can make it more interesting with filter sweeps, buildups etc.

Another thing I worked on a lot is basmanagment, almost every track has some sort of pure low sine wave that
gives it a lot of weight. Turning it up and down on the right spot or leave it out a few bars will make it more sensational. We tend to loose attention if something is repetitive, so if you create a brilliant basline it will be even greater when it’s away for some time and kick in again.

I am all for impact but if you listen closely, a lot more is happening that is not instantaneously ‘visible’
Like a hihat that is filtered gently when vocals come in, or just a noise sweep in the background for subtle movement, filter out the bottom of a kickdrum in the last bar so the next one will kick in louder.
riding the levels of delays and reverbs, use effects on single words, on a single snare hit in the track…
Hours and hours of meticulous programming automation lanes.
In other words, make the same amount of use in blunt impact and almost inaudible subtlety.
It will all contribute on the same level.

I also play with tempotracks, even the steady dance tracks are gently changing in tempo, you don’t notice it but subconciously it can create these jump spots.

Lastly, know your synths…what the oscillators do, how the filters react, I programmed all sounds myself.
In a typical song are four synths that together maybe trigger 16 or more oscilators…Together with drums and vocals
that’s a virtual orchestra.

The rest is obvious, seperating instruments making room, spaces, harmonies, all tekstbook composition and mixing techniques.

And then mix all tracks together through another bus, the masterstage so that all levels are coherent or atleast fitting together.

Greetz Dylan.

@ Bob and Sherz.

Thanks guys.
Your comments are always highly appreciated!

Greetz Dylan.

Dylan…Work of genius…Musically and lyrically. What a tremendous mix, there is so much happening but my ears aren’t fatigued at all because of huge instrument separation and stereo imaging. RESPECT!

btw, I just wanted to add, I’m kind of an electronic junkie myself as you know so as soon as the arp started and you opened up the filter, I liked it all :sunglasses:

@ Kzarider. Great to get that sort of feedback from someone making a different genre! Thank you.
@ Bob, then you should fill in some arrangments for my next project :slight_smile: I want to have a lot of different musicians on board.