Look! My Nuendo 10 goes to ELEVEN!!!

There is no way to close N10 other than a computer reboot or using Task Manager>End Process.

Nuendo 8 does not do this, on the same machine. Nuendo 8 closes properly while N10 goes rogue and will not close. Well, it appears to close in the GUI, but actually does not. You acquire an additional “Nuendo10.exe.” in Task Manager for each time you open N10 after closing it. Apparently, with no limitation to the instances! I decided to check and went to 11. That just seemed like the right number, eh Nigel?

Have a look:
Mine goes to ELEVEN.JPG
This really bugs me. When I command an app to close, it should close. I can’t recall seeing this in a legit app before. What up, Steinberg?

I confirm.
Same thing for me

This is not happening here.

In Resource Monitor the previous instance of N10 is removed when a new instance is loaded.

In Task Manager it showed a max of 3 in brackets (3) after ‘Nuendo 10’ which seemed to clear down when Nuendo was closed. That number never got higher than 3. After that it seemed to clear down every time I launched N10.

I’m on Win-10. Could this be a Windows version issue?

Steinberg only supports Win-10 now.

What you are seeing might just be a slight flaw/difference in the way Task Manager functions in the different Windows versions.

Don’t have that issue here either. On Win 10 Pro (1903) x64 running N10.2.0. Everything shown in Task Manager is related to an open window/object. When closed, it disappears from Task Manager. When N10 is closed, all instances related to Nuendo disappear.

To the OP. I can see from the image you’re on Win 7. It’s highly likely with newer versions of Nuendo that you may encounter more and more issues. Support from Microsoft for Win7 ends Jan 2020. Steinberg has also stated their support will end at this time.


Further to my earlier post, I have now found that N10 seems to be performing as expected under Win-10, but N8 is not.

If I launch and close N8 several times, multiple instances will remain in Resource Monitor. This could relate to the fact that N8 was, I think, developed before the 1903 update was released for Windows-10. This is a bit of a bummer for me as I regularly switch between N10.2 and N8.1.10, for a variety of reasons.

Try a different OS, like OSX; unless Steinberg plans to cease support for the Mac in January 2020.

Spinal tap version maybe ? :smiley:

Doesn’t happen here however.

Looks like our first clear indication of Win 7 showing its age.