Look of the velocity for single notes.

I would like to view/query the velocity of single notes, even want to change them.
If it goes in dorico?

This is not currently possible in Dorico, but it is planned for the future.

Thank you Daniel, nice to know it.

Would be very convinient to find it in PLAY mode as we can find it in Cubase (and most common sequencers).
But I can’t think of a convenient way to keep a link with the graphics: should be either dependant or superceed in some way…Perhaps properties panel could work for this? Like a switch to adjust individual velocity wich would be automatically turned on when an edit is made in PLAY mode.

Yes, graphic one can exclude, is too complex and does not match then the dynamics in the score.
But only for looking/watching it would not be bad.
I also think that it has its place in the play mode. The velocity could be displayed in any notes element.

+1, Note velocity lane, please

Yes - velocity lane soon please!