Lookin for expression Map(s) for Garritan JBB3

I’m looking for an expression map(s) for Garritan JBB3 ,which I can use for big band arrangements.
I’ve tried some expression mapping, but the learning curve is steep and I’m spending too much time programming instead of writing arrangements.
The sounds are OK for hearing how an arrangement is working out. I’ve used JBB3 in Sibelius and the results were alright for my work. I’v moved over to Dorico (3.5.12) and would like to use Dorico from now on as I like the the way the programm works. I use VSL for orchestra arrangements as VSL has created the proper expression maps. I imported the Cubase expression maps fpr JBB3 , but they do not work correctly.
If anybody has any ideas I would be grateful for any assistence in solving this issue.


Stan McKee

John Barron posted one on the FB group a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t tested it yet, but I assume it would be helpful.

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Not quite what you’re after, but I’ve created some Ex maps for GPO5, which include a PDF of instructions for what to do.

Most of the keyswitches and CCs are similar, so it might be useful.

Thank you very much for the info

Hi both-
Thanks for the GPO5 expression maps; but am I right in thinking that there isn’t a staccato switch for the aria piano set, or am I missing something obvious?

You mean for the pianoforte instruments, like Steinway, etc? No, there’s no KS for staccato. I’m not sure it’s needed, given that a piano is essentially a percussive instrument with sustain. Just using Dorico’s ‘short’ length for staccato should work fine.

The big problem with the pianos is the lack of a damper pedal (left-foot clutch). It is possible to edit the SFZ file to include one. See my post here.


Cheers; many thanks.

I suspected it was something like that. I’ll check out the article.