Looking a MIDI Controller to supplement full size keyboard

Hey all,

I already have a great 88 keyboard. I need a midi controller for controlling VST. Can’t really afford the most fancy stuff like the Akai Professional MPK261 or the Nektar Panorama P6.

I have big hands so I’m a bit nervous about AKAI Professional MPK Mini Play because of the small keys.

Any thoughts?

I just bought an 88 key version of this- full size keys synth action, configurable CCs, with a touch slider, knob and some buttons. In the USA Guitar Center has them for like $100. Don’t know if this has enough sliders and knobs for your use, but thought I’d post it - the 88 key version was $200, (I’m not a pianist) and is better than I expected on all counts.


Also, I don’t know if it was a one-off thing, but when I called for tech support, I talked to a knowledgeable human, no hold time.